October 7, 2022

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program Re-Opens to Iranians

In a memorandum circulated yesterday, Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Unit informed stakeholders that it had resumed the processing of applications from Iranian citizens.

“The Unit,” explained the circular, “has been able to secure relationships with due diligence service providers who are able to perform the usual thorough standard of due diligence on Iranians.”

Speaking to IMI today on the occasion of an interview on separate topics, Mc Claude Emmanuel, the CIU’s Chief Executive, provided additional context as to which changes had taken place with the program’s vetting parties that had enabled it to once more accept Iranian nationals.

“Due to instability [in previous years], our due diligence partners were not able to have their people on the ground [in Iran] to visit the requisite agencies to verify documents and conduct the necessary background checks,” says Mr. Emmanuel, adding that his CIU’s official due diligence providers have provided assurances as to their boots-on-the-ground presence and access in Iran.

With the re-opening to Iran, Saint Lucia now only imposes an outright ban on two nationalities: Russians and Belarusians. Saint Kitts & Nevis’ CIP now remains the sole Caribbean CIP that still does not accept Iranian applicants. Iranians also remain excluded from Malta’s MEIN policy.

Editor: Christian Henrik Nesheim

Source: www.imidaily.com