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This depends on each applicant’s financial situation, as most of our programs are streamed either through government donation plans or through approved real estate projects.

Our team will evaluate your profile and needs and, will recommend accordingly.

All applicants go through a thorough pre-assessment and due-diligence process before we accept their application, to ensure 100% success rate

 Here are some of the questions you need to ask before signing the agreement :

  • What does the professional fee cover?
  • Which local agent will handle your application in the destination country? These local agents are basically law firms that are approved by the corresponding government and their details can be found as registered agents or local law firms ( not as marketing agents) on the official government websites. 
  • Can I transfer the fund directly to the government’s account? You should be given the choice to transfer the fund directly to the government of the chosen country ( e.g. Government of Dominica, Grenada, etc.).
  • Will the service provider supplies the proof of transfer if you choose to transfer the fund to the service provider?

Our team provides full transparency on the application process and pricing. In addition, our thorough pre-assessment process will assure a 100% success rate.

All our clients have now turned into Globalia’s advocates and some of them are happy to connect with you in order to share their experience and success story. This can be arranged through our team and upon request. 

Not all nationalities. Some government programs have specific requirements which need to be followed.

All of our programs allow you’re below 18 dependents to be included in the program at an additional fee. Also, some programs allow adding your below 30 and above 55-year-old dependents to be added to the program.

This depends on the program. However, most programs require a valid passport, clean criminal record, proof of income and your bank statement for the last 12 months. For a complete list of requirements, please contact our team. 

Yes, with additional fees.