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September 12, 2023

Democratizing… Immigration and 2nd Citizenship Services

Giving people a true freedom to choose is essential and inspiring to the mission of companies in any kind of business.  For product companies, it is simple to imagine – one example is the leading furniture manufacturer Ikea, which controls its own supply, thus catering to most tastes and budgets, but which also makes it a point that customers can choose freely with no “upselling” intervention.

For MOBILITY service companies that deal with Immigration and 2nd Citizenship programs, the matter becomes trickier because they have no control over supply.  Instead of compensating for that by understanding the countless globally offered programs, many of these companies unfortunately fall into the trap of becoming marketers for one or two such programs, which they find “easy to sell”, thus denying people their right to choose freely.

In our opinion, there are THREE (3) pillars in the MOBILITY industry, which must be respected to achieve its democratization and true freedom of choice by clients:

  1. KNOWLEDGE…  Mobility advisors must know and understand the various immigration by investment programs that exist worldwide and present them to clients in an exhaustive manner in order for them to know their options – let them eliminate those that do not meet their requirements and budget criteria.  Anything less at this level would be unethical.
  2. OBJECTIVITY…  Mobility advisors must be impartial when comparing said options by highlighting their pros and cons, but mostly their risks based on the extent of their adherence to truth and law – it is a life decision for clients, let them make it in an informed manner.  Anything less at this level would be deceptive.
  3. CRAFTSMANSHIP…  Mobility advisors must rise to the level of stimulating actual participation by clients, thus prioritizing their interests and future over own short-term material gains – people are not rigid inert creatures, they are often capable of changing their current situations to become eligible for programs that better satisfy their long-term aspirations.  Anything less at this level would be uncreative.

In short, true MOBILITY advisors are those that fully understand the supply chain of Immigration and 2nd Citizenship programs and are able to channel their clients, each according to his/her own and very unique persona, to the RIGHT program, far from any personal or corporate agenda.

It is important to note, however, that clients also have an important role to play in making sure that their choice is in fact truly free – they must be able to filter the noise created by advertising slogans and social media price wars because, as important as those are for general awareness, they are certainly insufficient to make any kind of informed decision.

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