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April 20, 2022

Cyprus to Revoke Passports (Not Citizenships) of up to 21 Russians, Belarusians Over EU Sanctions

Cyprus intends to cancel the passports of four sanctioned Russians that naturalized as Cypriots under the country’s now-defunct citizenship by investment program, the Cyprus Mail reports.

Though the government did not disclose the names of the individuals in question, government sources have confirmed that their names appeared on a list of the EU’s more than 800 sanctioned Russians and Belarusians. Another government source has confirmed to Cyprus Mail that, following a detailed review of Cypriot-Russian/Belarusian citizens, at least 21 individuals have been identified as either appearing on sanctions lists or being dependents of individuals who did. Cyprus is now moving to cancel the passports of all 21.

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Editor: Christian Henrik Nesheim