Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe, bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. The 92.212 Km2 country has approximately 10.3 million people and is an EU member state since 1st January 1986. Portugal with its fantastic cultural heritage, food, and climate is one of the most popular destinations for tourism.


Starting from €280,000


Citizenship after 5 years


Visa-free travel to EU


Up to 6 Months

Why Invest in Portugal?

Effective January 2022, Properties in Areas such as Lisbon, Oporto and the Algarve will no longer be eligible for Portugal Golden Visa.
The investment in the real estate properties have shifted to so-called Low Density Population areas (rural area) starting from € 280,000 to qualify for Portugal Golden Visa.
Portugal also offers other options to acquire a residency such as the HQA (High Qualified Activities) residency program or the D7 Visa among other investment programs.

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  • Minimum stay of 7 days per year
  • Access to free healthcare
  • Access to free education
  • English is 2nd language
  • Schengen travel free
  • Permanent Residency after 5 years
  • Eligibility for citizenship after 5 years
  • Real estate capital appreciation
  • Monthly cash flow

Available Program

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Portugal Golden Visa

Invest in Portugal and get Residency through the golden visa program. There are several investment streams but the most common are property investments in promising areas of Portugal with a guaranteed return on investment, positive annual appreciation, and property management hassle-free.

Our team of experts in Bahrain and Valencia, Spain can help you choose the right property as well as the whole processing of your documents.