Canada is a G7 country with one of the world’s best-performing economies over the past decade. As the world’s second-largest country, it is also rich in natural resources, including the world’s second-largest oil reserves and fourth-largest supply of freshwater. With a population of 37.59 million  Canada is well known for its reputable immigration programs among which are the PNPs for international Entrepreneurs.
The Canadian immigration Entrepreneur Program is designed to attract experienced entrepreneurs who intend to own and actively manage a business in Canada. This Canadian immigration program aims to grow the Canadian economy while also creating new jobs for Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.


Starting from
CAD 150,000


Citizenship after 1,095 Days of permanent residency


Free Education and Healthcare


Up to 12 Months

Why Invest in Canada?

Canada provides a family-friendly lifestyle, with several world-class cities that provide well-diversified business environments, vibrant social scenes, and cultural events. It has an excellent education system with numerous private schools and elite universities. Five of the world’s top 100 business schools are also in Canada. Many government programs support technological development and business.

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  • High quality of life with enormous opportunities
  • Free education and healthcare
  • Excellent education system
  • Very close relationship to the USA and NAFTA markets
  • Open work permit for spouse
  • Citizenship after 1,095 days of permanent residency

Available Programs

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Canada British Columbia PNP

Business Entrepreneurs wishing to establish a new business in any of the PNP programs must submit a business concept that represents 40% of the application scoring. Once they receive the (ITA) Invitation to Apply, they are required to submit a comprehensive business plan which is built on the business concept. It’s in this part of the application that investors should provide a strong justification for their business case. In order to increase your business success factors, your business plan must be written and presented in a convincing manner.

  • Starting from CAD 100,000
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Canada Manitoba PNP

The updated program of 2018 requires the applicant to submit a Business Concept along with the Self-assessment Form as part of the Expression of Interest. The Business plan is the main tool along with other PNP requirements to convince the province committee that your project will support the general economic requirements of the program and that you are qualified at fulfilling the objectives to be granted permanent residency. Once the candidate is invited to apply, he or she must submit a business plan as a supporting document to the application. The business plan must be in line with the Business Concept and show in greater detail how the business will operate.

  • Starting from CAD 200,000
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Canada New Brunswick NBPNP

The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream is an economic immigration program for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business and positively create an impact in the local economy while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently. The investor and his/her family are granted a Permanent Residency once all the program requirements have been met. The program requires a thorough business plan to be submitted with the application among other requirements which are illustrated in the program summary.

  • Starting from CAD 250,000