Canada Manitoba PNP


  • Executive Summary
  • Busness Profile
  • Market Profile
  • General Resource Requirement
  • Human Resource Requirement
  • Financial Resource Requirement
  • Critical Risk Factors
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Financials (3 years)

Manitoba MPNP Business Plan

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway (MPNP-BIS-ENP) is meant to draw proven investors, entrepreneurs, and managers who have a desire to purchase or start a business in the province.

Unlike most other PNP programs that initially offer temporary residency, the Manitoba MPNP provides a clear pathway to permanent residency. This makes it a highly sought-after and competitive business immigration pathway. In order to stand out and make it through the process all of your documents must be of the highest quality.

Our team of experienced immigration professionals knows how to write concise yet engaging business documents that will improve your chance of getting through the nomination and application process and on your way to immigration case success. From the MPNP-BIS-ENP business concept to the business plan, our experts are ready to provide you with the assistance you need.